February 7, 2021 - Little Rock, Ar


This is a live recording of Holy Divine Healing group healing done in Little Rock, Ar on February 7, 2021.

Thank you for showing up and being the driving force of ascension with your sacred gifts, as we serve the Plan of Grand Design, returning humanity, the Holy O Earth and the inner Earth into a Trinity of O-ness. This could only happen with our collective effort, vision, and hope for the return of the Holy Order of O, with people being Holy O Beings of Knowing consciousness, that understand all of life and are in harmony with the Earth and the inner Earth. What a wonderful plan! It comes from above and within.

The next steps of ascension are to bring forth the six postulates of wisdom. Wisdom is understanding (comprehending life lessons) plus gratitude (being thankful for your lessons). In short, wisdom is understanding plus gratitude.

In the six postulates of wisdom, our four levels of Divine consciousness (Christ, Cosmic, Goddess, and Androgyne) plus our conscious mind and the collective of mass consciousness, are integrated into the major contact points of humanity, Holy O Earth and inner Earth. This allows our Trinity of O-ness to continue its ascension into the Holy Order of O.

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