July 18, 2021 - Little Rock, Ar


This is a live recording of Holy Divine Healing group healing done in Little Rock, Ar on July 18th, 2021.

Thank you to all the light workers for your sacred gifts and devotion to serve the ascension process. We are right on time in the unfoldment of the new trinity of the Holy O World. The trinity of the new Holy O World is free of the recording of the downfall of Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis. This was our service during the last Group Healing. 

In this Group Healing, we brought forth the unified field of the trinity of the new Holy O World. There are two major parts each with three pieces. The two major parts are the trinity of the tube torus for the Holy O World and the trinity of consciousness for the Holy O World. This is about the integration of our pulses, which are the true origin of Knowing consciousness, into the geometry of the tube torus and our own eight levels of consciousness that are being established in Knowing.

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