June 26, 2022 - Little Rock, Ar


This is a live recording of Holy Divine Healing group healing done in Little Rock, Ar on June 26th, 2022.

To repent, or change your mind and create a bigger picture of life based on higher consciousness, is a miracle. To forgive others or pardon them for abuses or offenses is a divine act of Spirit. These are some of the greatest actions that humanity can do. Non-repentance and unforgiveness will block goodness and opportunity from our lives. Opening our hearts and minds is a divine act of Spirit. To choose victory over pain and misery we must forfeit being right and winning. 

Thank you very much for the service of your sacred gifts, which are Divine. The cutting edge of higher consciousness is soaring thanks to the service of the 177 million light workers of which we are all a part. Great are those who serve the Lord of their Being that beats their heart.

How honored I am to do Holy Divine Healing with you. A team effort for ascension and a new wonderful world of a Holy Order is only possible if we are united and perform our sacred gifts in harmony and unison. Thank you for what you do. As we continue our sacred path of service to the Holy Order of life another layer of divinity is added to the Divine Matrix of the Trinity of the Holy O New World. 

On Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 2:00 PM central the Holy O Virtues of Trinity of the Holy O New World will be added to the Divine Matrix. We invite you to assist in this Divine service by attending the teleconference or by participating in your own special way. 

More on this during the Group Healing.


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