October 3, 2021 - Little Rock, Ar


This is a live recording of Holy Divine Healing group healing done in Little Rock, Ar on October 3rd, 2021.

Much has happened since my last writing to you. The three days of service on September 20, 21 and 22 with the blessings of divine decree and meditation has been completed. We are now in a holding pattern of trusting in our divine guidance as we allow the effects to manifest. These things usually start as a trickle and then become a tidal wave.

This group healing is about bringing forth the Trinity of the Holy Order of O for the new Holy O World. There will be six divine decrees to upgrade the O change points and center points of the Trinity of the new Holy O World. Your participation is the key for the completion of this work. We invite all light workers to participate in the Group Healing teleconference or to participate in your own special way.

More on this during the Group Healing.


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